snow lounge
Creative Commons License photo credit: jaymiek

Today I wrote my final exam for ECMM 802. It was also the final act in my Master’s program. After working in earnest since September 2007 my Master’s work is complete. So why do I not feel incredibly elated? Veritably swooning? Doing the loud happy dance?

I do feel a sense of accomplishment. But I also feel a sense of loss. I have had little “free” time in the last 18 months. Reading, exploring, reflecting, discussing – mostly online – has consumed any moment outside of work and home chores. And I have loved every moment. So I do not expect my habits to measurably change, other than to create a little more balance and shift my priorities.

I knew when I started this journey it would be intense. I planned a full-time schedule while I also held a full-time job. And here I now stand, poised to put a check mark beside this item on my bucket list.

I will write again in reflection on this journey. I am now part of a community of learners that I would never have found on my own, to which I am grateful for support. Thanks to Jaymie for this photo of the faculty lounge. Being a distance student I wasn’t in it often, but when I was there, it was home.