I’m not sure it will every really be done, and quite frankly it is my intention to use the Guide in several ways in the future so I expect it to be updated. I would still like to create a downloadable full pdf version (that properly renders the html tables). And the inclusion of a detailed plan would be helpful.

But for now I’m happy that it covers the bulk of the issues and items that one should address when implementing a Parent Portal. It’s been quite the ride in development!

So please let me know if you or someone you know has occasion to use any of the Guide or its templates (I know some have been downloaded already, but because I allowed anonymous access I don’t know by whom). I’m always anxious to improve upon the product and so welcome your feedback.

Click to access the K-12 Parent Portal Implementation Guide.

One last piece of associated work is the completion of my eportfolio – documenting my project journey. Almost done that too.