I’m struggling with the concept of school as it relates to my graduate studies. As a mature student I have several years experience in the work force. I have come to know that the best product is not produced in isolation, nor is it given to prime time for judgement in its first run.

But that is precisely what we are asked to do in our graduate classes. Write a paper and submit it for marking. No drafts are reviewed and commented. No chance to catch those miserable APA slip-ups or discuss whether the professor and the APA manual have a fundamental disagreement (or did you just read it wrong?).

Professors are as time-challenged as the K-12 educators they are preparing for the classroom or supporting in advanced learning. But if the assessment model in graduate school does not support progressive learning, what will the chance be that our teachers come prepared to approach assessment in new ways with our younger learners?

I think there is something to be learned from how projects are conducted in the world outside of our educational institutions. The best products emerge from a scaffolded approach with feedback, teamwork, and iterative prototyping. I wish the same for teacher preparation and advanced learning.