I realized I needed a break. It’s been a wicked month – last month of school means everyone else is tidying their desks onto ours, our support staff were on strike (thankfully settled this week), I finished two intersession classes (one on-campus), and I realized I’d gained 10 pounds. So that latter problem became my focus and I found myself just a tinge less committed to my studies. A time for rejuvenation, exercise, and healthy food. Yes those 7-hour drives to Saskatoon and back are munchie drives. ‘Nough said.

To top off the month, I read this morning that a colleague just one year older had died on Monday. Our paths have crossed several times through work and golf as he held the same position as me at a post-secondary institution in the city. He was a dedicated contributor to the profession and his work and wit will be missed.

So face every morning with a smile. Say good morning to strangers. Pay it forward. You get this one chance to make a difference.