Envie d'écrire
Creative Commons License photo credit: alecska

I just finished the final exam for EDRES 800, the research course for my master’s. Two assignments (one of them my master’s proposal), one presentation, and a final exam in six weeks, including four weekends in Saskatoon. Pretty intense.

What have I learned? Hmmm. Not sure I would call it learning. More like refreshing. And situating. New context. The concepts were not unfamiliar to me. I’ve been down the research and stats road before. But it was fun to resurrect t-tests and F-ratios and MANOVA’s. I’m a math geek at heart.

So the course for me was an opportunity to apply that learning to my studies today. I was able to take a very good run at my project proposal. I extended my network of fellow graduate students. I’ve developed a heightened awareness of the importance of research skills in teachers today. Tied to the accountability framework and being data-driven, in our district we are promoting more action research in our classrooms. To accomplish that, teachers need to know how to frame the research question, what data to collect (and how to collect it), and how to analyze the data. Without some skill development and support we can’t expect that it will just happen. Hmmm. Maybe this was more than just a refresher.

On a lighter note, I haven’t written in APA style for 30 years. I’m feeling almost compelled to double-space this post. Did you notice all the sentence fragments in the second paragraph? My inner writer is rebelling…..