I sat with a master teacher today. He knows who he is, and those who followed my travels will know as well.

I watched him teach trigonometry to a student who had gotten behind, who didn’t understand sine and cosine and tangent. I watched him patiently explain with pictures, then coach the student through several examples. Then, and here was one piece of magic, he helped the student use trig to calculate the height of a mountain. Now this particular student is a winter sports enthusiast, so mountains are pretty special. I’m sure for another student it might have been a sailing mast, or a flag pole, or the goal posts.

I also listened as he talked to the student about making the most of every day. Of enjoying his life today and tomorrow. That was the second piece of magic, the magic of the student-teacher relationship. Coach, mentor, guide, facilitator.

And when he was done, the student remarked with surprise how easy it was. Oh student, it wasn’t easy, but he helped you to that place.

I sat with a master teacher today. And I learned from the best.