Between terms in grad school. But not on a break. Other than cleaning my home office (you know the drill – end of term papers and literature spread and stacked on every once-open surface), it seems the activity continues. The most significant difference I find between undergrad and grad is that it really is a program rather than just a set of courses. Grad work is situated in a body of work that may include a regular job where you think about and apply every day your learning. Grad work is life-long learning in the truest sense.

But not on a break. It is a time though, that one needs to rejuvenate, to take a break, to recreate some balance, to prepare oneself for next term. I don’t know about you, but I have a bad tendency to run on adrenalin towards the end of a term, and crash at the end leaving myself open to whatever bug is floating around the office at the time.

So this is my note to self. Look for balance. Make a schedule that includes breaks (golf season is coming, even if it is going to snow this weekend). Be more organized. Get regular sleep.

Read this entry at least once a month. And now to work.