Another frontier in my journey to Web 2.0. My name is Bip Wylie. For those of you who know me as rdrunner, there is some relationship between the two names. A virtual latte if you figure it out.

Thanks to Jeff Kurka, getting in started in SL was relatively painless. Jeff… er Kirk and I are in the same grad class and his class project is to create support for newbies in Moodle (which he will eventually port to Sloodle). Getting an account and downloading the software all went without a hitch.

From there it was a bumpy start. My laptop runs Vista and I wasn’t able to get past the login screen. I did a bit of trouble-shooting – system requirements, re-installed s/w – then gave up and moved over to my T&T (tried and trusty) Mac. It worked and I was in!

Twitter next came to my rescue (thanks, Jen!) and I soon had new clothes and safe landmarks to visit. Jeff Kurka found me and teleported me to the ECMM building.

Slugger Sosa dropped by briefly to bid a welcome. Jeff then took me on a tour of the building and showed me a few quick tips to control movement. He’ll be giving us a tour at our class on Wednesday – so probably the key tip he taught me was Alt/Click on the person you need to follow and your camera will follow them. Hopefully this will help me keep up with him as tour guide. We tested voice which freed my hands to move my avatar – much easier for the newbie in me.

It was fun to explore Teaching Island 6 and see the other universities that are there. With espresso in hand I flew from building to building, sat and watched slideshows, and explored various objects. It was pretty quiet there – much like most campuses on a Saturday morning!

Interior - ECMM Building in SL
I spent some time in our meeting room. Next I’d like to load a slide show on our monitor. I played a bit with it. If I’ve messed it up, my apologies to Jeff and Slugger.

I’m really looking forward to our first SL session this week!