We’ve talked a lot about choosing the right tools in our classrooms. There truly is a plethora of technologies available. We have learned to choose the tool that’s appropriate for the task at hand. We’ve also learned that you don’t need many tools in the classroom at one time.

But when it comes to our personal lives, that is different. I have worked in technology most of my career. I have two desktops (Mac and PC) in my home office, and a Windows tablet with a docking station on my desk, two printers, and several other peripherals. I had almost run out of techology to acquire. Until now – now that I have been directly involved in Web2.0 tools I cannot get enough of them. But finding the time to work them all is daunting.

IPod Touch
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I would love to patriate my blog (oooh the plug-in’s). I would love to do more photography and video editing. I want to ning and jing and thread. I want to hack my new iPod Touch.

I listened today to Rob Wall on the EdTechPosse latest podcast (on my new iPod Touch, of course). Rob was asked if he had more time now that he was finished his Master’s degree. Not really, he replied, as there are just new projects to undertake. I think that is where I will be. A full-time job and a Master’s schedule doesn’t leave much time for playing, but when I’m done my degree think of all the time I will have!

Still I wonder, why is it that we can figure out not to bombard our students with too much technology, but we can’t figure it out for ourselves?