Finding time to reflect is difficult when your day includes 19 hours of flat-out activity. Contemplating what might be driving me, I took the Type A Personality Test (try it for yourself).

February 27Online tests are never definitive, but they give you an opportunity to agree or disagree with the results, and that very activity has an element of reflection. Must be good. Reflection is good.

My reflection is that I just need to prioritize all the stuff I need to do, and as a good friend has said, let some of the eggs fall on the floor.

You can’t do it all, so you need to pick the stuff that really matters. And of course the stuff that’s really fun.

So here’s my list.
1. Check on the obligations first – that’s still the priority. There’s family obligations, work obligations, school obligations. But not everything is a must-do. Make sure you’ve winnowed the list.
2. Eat, sleep and work out. Your body needs all three if you want to keep going.
3. Pick what you love to do, and do it. Right now for me, it’s all about learning, and when the grass turns green I’ll add golf.
4. Use the tools. The technology may be part of the problem (gotta have it, gotta love it) but it’s also part of the solution. Two computers is not enough – my new iPod Touch will let me listen to podcasts while I travel, and keep in touch with my network when I can connect.
5. Relax. Enjoy. Smile. Laugh.

I feel better already.