I’ve been working on enhancing the layout of my Parent 2.0 wiki. When I first created the style, I checked the layout on the 2 laptops I had at hand, and it looked find. But on returning to work, I discovered it was too wide for the screen and scrolled. Ugh.

So I edited the settings for column width, and moved the far right column to the left. Perfect on that screen. But now narrow on the original screens while the top banner filled the screen. Double ugh.

Then a brainwave. Rather than placing the far right column at a left-anchored position, I positioned it from the right edge, then set a left and right margin for the middle column together with a maximum width. Success! The right column fills the middle space and the far right column sits over to the far right.

I’d appreciate if you could have a look at the wiki and tell me how it looks for you on your screen.