Personalizing a blog seems like a small feat next to customizing a wiki. But at last it is ready for contact with the outside world.

I am taking 2 grad classes this term, and I’m fortunate to be able to combine the final projects for each one. I’m putting the literature review from one class in the digital project of the other. To do so creates a lasting and open site that will continue to support my research through to my final Master’s project (and hopefully beyond).

The site is Parent 2.0 – A Wiki Resource for Parents and Educators in a Technology-Enabled World. The focus is on parent engagement. There is much research to support the positive impact of parent engagement on student achievement. There are several questions I hope the site will pursue: Does the nature of parent involvement change in the presence of technology? What teacher preparation is necessary to support technology-enabled engagement? Is there an online parent community that mirrors the PTA?

Please take a look and offer your feedback and/or contribution: Parent 2.0

Better yet, join the space!