I first heard George Siemens speak at the 2007 Distributed Learning Symposium. His talk Living, Connecting, Communicating in an Immediate World was the highlight of the conference for me. My notes from the session are in an earlier post.

I have traversed the line between IT professional and Educator my whole career, and have the firm belief that my knowledge of computer networks has shaped my understanding of the impact of the Internet on learning. George Siemens’ work in connectivism connected me (pun intended) to multiple nodes of learning.

I believe that the Internet is the first technology to truly reflect the human condition. One reason it has had such a profound impact on learning, and our understanding of learning, is that it supports and extends our social networks. The power of the technology is that it not only supports learning, it informs, creates and holds learning. This has the potential to be a frightening Orwellian concept, or we can accept, understand, and choose to harness its power.