In the last 24 hours I have workshopped Web 2.0 tools with co-workers, participated virtually at Educon 2.0, learned more about html (thanks Dan), updated my and learned more about its tools, googled and solved a network centre problem on my Vista computer, and extended my network with folks from Educon – a teacher doing a Web 2.0 workshop with parents, David Jakes (in part because I posted at techLearning in response to Jeffrey Branzburg’s article The Fine Print which referenced him), and another teacher who took interest in my comments. Whew.

The workshop I did was supported by materials developed and presented in Desire2Learn – something of an oxymoron as I was presenting about open education tools from a closed LMS environment. Pick your tools appropriately is what we’ve learned. In fact, because D2L is well integrated in our district, it was very easy for me to set up the environment and enroll all the participants. They were automatically sent emails that the environment was ready and many logged in ahead of time to have a look.

I’ve now exported the workshop pages out of the LMS and into html pages so that I can make it accessible to others for use. Today I’ve been looking for a free (or near-free) place to host them. This has been a rather frustrating journey since I am not an html whiz (yet, I expect) and I have learned more about “free”. Nothing is really free, and most business models include a mix of pay-for-what-you-really-need and advertisements. I hope to get some advice at the Wednesday tools class in EC&I 831.

I’ve moved from the passenger seat to the driver’s seat to a race car. This is the ride I’ve been waiting for.