What a great experience in class tonight.  Darren Kuropatwa is a math teacher who embraces technology in his classroom and shared with us his typical day (from start to finish!).  He painted a wonderful picture and shared his class blogs, his insights, and his passion.  Thank you Darren. 

This session was extremely helpful to me as I experienced first hand in Darren’s classroom that which I can’t see from central office (at least not while I’m in central office!).  On the one hand I learned what I already know – that good teachers are good teachers.  I am sure Darren would be amazing without technology -he is a great teacher.  So while we struggle with preparing teachers for School 2.0, we must no lose focus of what the research tells us about good learning.  On the other hand I learned some new tools and came to appreciate how students can use blogs to enhance understanding. 

Darren also told us about the K12 Online Conference and encouraged us to visit the archives from 2006 and 2007.  I’ve taken a spin through and listened to one session so far.  I’ll be visiting regularly, as there is not only the archived sessions but also ongoing comments.This week I am presenting to my non-teaching colleagues about the tools of School 2.0.  I’m going to borrow from Darren’s idea to frame it as “a day in the life” of a teacher.  The work of my colleagues is providing support and access to online learning environments, so I am eager to share what is possible beyond the traditional productivity tools and LMS.  I think they’ll be blown away!