I was in the middle of completing the edublog survey when IE burped.  So I’ll go back and do the survey again.  But I got so far as identifying why I blog, which was very helpful.  For me (ENTJ) it is often about thinking out loud.  And then it’s a huge bonus when I get feedback (I am grateful). 

Class #2 of EC&I 831 is now in the books, or rather in the recording.  It is very comforting to know that we can go back and review the class in its entirety.  I have been in Montreal this week and fortunately could arrange my schedule to participate.  But I expect there will be times that it will be difficult.  Asynchronous is better than not at all.

We are working in class at building community.  Kyle is helping to create a network on twitter.  Google Groups give us a place to post and create threads of conversation.  We are all at different stages of comfort with technology and the tools, but I don’t think that will be the differentiator between us.  I think it is more likely to be our current work.  For example, I have no examples from practice in the classroom to share as I work in central office.  At least one other colleague is not in the classroom.  I know our views are relevant and important to share, but sometimes it feels like there is no context for a different perspective.  This is not a judgement on the class – I own this issue for myself.  But I would welcome assistance in figuring it out.

I am also continuing to work on time management.  With so many sources to “check out” on a regular basis, even with aggregator tools I am not finding enough time to read.  I will need to be very deliberate in scheduling time for this very important activity.  Please wish me luck!