It’s the end of Week 1 in EC&I 831.  I’m beginning to understand the privilege of being in this class.  I think we are something of an experiment, on the cusp of an adventure.  I want to read all the blogs I can, all the literature I can, all the Twitter I can, and not miss a moment of learning.

So the biggest challenge I see is not the learning of the tools but the managing of the tools.  Picking those that will provide the most value.  I also need to be sure I do not sacrifice my technical reading, or fail to stay current in that area of my professional life.  Ah, time management.  Is sleep really that important?

I’m working on a schedule that pays attention to those three important areas of my life – family, work, learning.  (I’m a planner at heart – spontaneity is good but my heart says its all good when a plan comes together.)  Interesting that family and work are for the most part mutually exclusive, but learning transcends everything.  Hmmmm.