As I begin this new blog, I am one term into my M.Ed. program. Technology for Learning is my blog about issues related to technology and learning. Masterthoughts, this blog, is my personal reflection on my own learning journey.

Last term I explored the theories of distance learning – I prefer distributed learning as the descriptor. It was a great grounding in the literature, and I had the opportunity to develop a course in Desire2Learn.

This term is an explosion. Tonight is the first class of EC&I 831 – Computers in the Classroom. In preparing for this course I have: started 2 blogs and received comments, joined Twitter, joined Flickr and the 366photos group, posted on the class wiki, joined YouTube and posted a video. All this in the last ten days. In the midst of all this, I have explored issues of safety online for kids, and had my thinking moved along a continuum with the assistance of the blogging network. What a powerful resource.

I am also taking an independent study class to begin my work on parent voice and need in a technology-enabled learning environment. This work is first a literature review. Ultimately this leads to my Master’s project leads – a requirements and engagement model for online parent communities.

I’m belted in and ready for the ride!